My day with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Yammer

If you plan to introduce new tools like Teams, SharePoint or Yammer in your company, you will face different challenges. Every new tool offers new possibilities; but what if your employees or colleagues are happy with the current situation or don’t want to change?

You have to identify problems in your daily business which can be solved by these new tools. I know that each company has its own business processes and challenges but if we take on step back, you will see that we all have some common use cases for tools like Teams, SharePoint or Yammer. That’s why I like to tell others how I’m working with Office 365 each day and I hope you will find some useful information in my exemplary working day.

Start your day with the mobile app of Microsoft Teams

I’m at home checking my notifications in the mobile app of Microsoft Teams to get the information if somebody in my team is sick, wants to stay in the home office or needs something I should check before leaving my appartment.

Get updates from your SharePoint based Intranet

I arrive in the office and start my laptop. Before I grap my first coffee, I check the newest updates in our Social Intranet. It’s based on SharePoint and I find the newest news from HR, internal communication and our IT department on its landing page. I can use this information for my coffee walk with my employees and colleagues to discuss the relevant topics with them or to give them more information if needed.

Work together with your customer in his tenant

After my coffee walk, I start with my work in one of my projects. I switch to another Office 365 tenant in Teams to access the project relevant information like specification documents or the project tasks in Planner. But why do I need to switch to an other tenant? My customer uses Office 365 like my company and he wants to own all project results. Usually, we offer a project room in our tenant and invite our customer. But if a customer wants to work within his tenant and invites us, we can do this as well.

At 09:30 AM every day we have our daily with the customer. It’s a scheduled meeting in Teams where we can use our camera to see each other and (if somebody wants to share his working results) share our screen.

Meet with your team in a Teams meeting

I meet my every day at 10:00 AM for a short daily. We are working for different projects and tell each other in this meeting what we achieved since our last daily, what we are working on and if we need some help. Most of the time, we are not working in the same office. That’s why we are using Teams for these meetings. Do you know that you can record a meeting and watch the video later via Stream? We use this feature sometimes when somebody cannot attend the meeting and we have important topics to discuss.

Use Teams meetings and share your screen

Network with others via Yammer

After our daily we are working on our tasks. This can be a development task, a meeting with a customer or writing a specification document. Before going to lunch, I always have a look in our corporate network in Yammer to check updates (at least in my favorite groups).

Meet your remote workers

After lunch, I call my remote workers to have a chat with them and to talk about the current status of their development tasks. We use Microsoft Teams with its screen sharing functionality for our calls and in some cases we record our call. Then, a project manager can view the recording and get the neccessary updates even when we are not available.

Talk with other team leaders and our manager

I have regulary meetings with other team leaders and our manager. We are using Microsoft Teams to work together on documents and to share information about new projects, presales and organizational tasks. On days when we don’t meet each other, I check the conversation tab in our team and add my thoughts and ideas.

Use the mobile app of Yammer to participate in discussions from everywhere

My last action every day is a check via the mobile app if there are any unread messages in Yammer for me. First, I focus on my inbox and the notifications. But then I navigate through my groups and communities to be up to date. I love the mobile app; it’s so easy to like a message or to write a short answer. And while I’m travelling, I use the option to share a taken picture with my colleagues and to inform them about about what I have learned.

This is only an example of many different working days. But you can see that we are using three different tools and each tool has its unique purpose. Teams is our collaboration tool with people you are working very close to each other. Yammer is our corporate network where we share our ideas in open communities. And SharePoint is the base for all durable information like documents and news from HR and internal communication. What are your use cases for Teams, SharePoint and Yammer?

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